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    Until March 2015 our work in South Asia was coordinated by SACC – the South Asia Coordinating Council. The structure of the region is currently being reorganized.

    IARF-SACC, our former regional body for South Asia, was a Charitable Trust registered in India, managed by the International Council members of IARF from India, and advised by a committee of the National Presidents of the Chapters of nations in the region (National Chapters exist in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and in Pakistan, and had Branches in different parts of the respective countries).
    IARF-SACC promoted, monitored and co-ordinated the activities of these National Chapters. Its office was based in Kerala state, near the city of Kozhencherry.

    For background on former SACC projects, please link from the top menu, Projects.

    Past events

    South Asia
    06 08 2015: @ Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India (South Asia)
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration Events
    About the Foundation:
    India is a land of religions and diversity. Our purpose is to bring this country back to its original ethos by reviving harmony and peace.
    The B. V. Foundation for the Promotion of Peace and Harmony was established in 2006 to promote peace in the Visakhapatnam district of India. Our CC holds monthly interfaith meetings, observes religious festivals, and organizes special programs to celebrate United Nations Day, International Day of Peace, and International Day of Nonviolence. We also visit religious sites to promote interreligious understanding and harmony.

    The B. V. Foundation for the Promotion of Peace and Harmony, a member group of the South Asia IARF region operating in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, will hold a series of commemoration events of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as it has done for several years already. The meetings will be held on 6-9 August at:

    • St. Josephs College for Women, Gynapuram (6 August)
    • AS Raja Jr. College MVP. Colney (7th August)
    • Dr. VSK Govt Degree College  ( 8 August)
    • NT school Akkyyaplaem (9 August).

    The meetings will be followed by an exhibition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki  explosions and screening of a documentary film.

    For details please contact Prof. Prakash Rao, Chairman, at 9032477463 or narava_prakasarao[at]yahoo.co.in.

    26 06 2015: @ Secunderabad, Telangana, India (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education Facilitators' Training Program
    21 09 2014: @ Vizag, Bengaluru (South Asia)
    International Peace Day 2014 in India
    09 02 2014: @ Tuticorin (Thoothukudi), TamilNadu, India (South Asia)
    State-level Interfaith Fest

    500 interfaith people from all over TamilNadu, including IARF branches


    07 02 2014: @ Tuticorin (Thoothukudi), TamilNadu, India (South Asia)
    Inter-college Human Rights Education program, Tuticorin

    200 participants and three facilitators

    24 01 2014: @ Bangalore (South Asia)
    RFYN Summit 2014

    “Freedom & Rights of Young Adults in the Digital Age”
    @Montfort International Spirituality Center, Bangalore, India

    10 12 2013: @ Vishakhapatnam (South Asia)
    Human Rights Day 2013, Vizag

    10th December 2013 
    @GITAM University School of Law, Visakhaptnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
    IARF Visakhaptnam organises jointly with the GITAM University School of Law, a special meeting for World Human Rights Day celebrations. 
    At 10am Sri N.V. Badarinath, president of the Visakhpatnam Bar Association, will  deliver the keynote address. Prof. AnithaRao, Co-ordinator Academics and Prof. Y. Satyanaranyan, Director of GITAM  School of Law, will attend. Narava Prakasa Rao, chairman of IARF Visakhpatnam, will be preside. An interactive session with students will follow. All are welcome.

    06 11 2013: @ Sri Venkateswara Engineering College (South Asia)
    New Human Rights Education Centre opening near Chennai

    The Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission Chair, Hon. K. Baskaran, will inaugurate a new IARF HRERC (Human Rights Education Resource Centre) at Sri Venkateswara Engineering Technology, Thiruvallur. This centre will service nearly 150 colleges in and around Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts, and aim to increase the number of facilitators trained to extend Human Rights Education in the region and wider South India.

    Welcome Address:  James Manoharan.

    Presiding:  Dr. Vasudevan, Chairman, Sri Venkateswara Engineering College

    Inauguration:  Judge K. Baskaran, Officiating Chair, Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission.

    Felicitation:  V. Rengapashyam, Advocate, Council Member IARF; Mr Senniappan, Manager, H R Atnel Corporation

    Introduction of  HRE:  Bro. Albert Xaviour, Council Member IARF

    Vote of thanks: Lakshmipathy Naidu, IARF India Chapter

    08 08 2013: @ Hindupur, Andhra P., India (South Asia)
    Human Rights Resource Centre launch
    06 08 2013: @ Vishakhapatnam (South Asia)
    Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day 2013, Vishakhapatnam
    23 03 2013: (South Asia)
    SACC Advisory Board Meeting

    SACC Advisory Board Meeting 
    Venue: Hotel Nandini, Airport Gate, Sinamangal, Kathmandu (10 minutes walk from the airport); Contact no.: 977-1-4473141

    09 03 2013: @ Bangalore (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education workshop-cum-Women's Day celebration

    Two-day Human Rights Education workshop-cum-Women's Day celebration - for NGOs and Masters students, in association with Brothers Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS), Bangalore.

    23 01 2013: @ Marina Beach, Chennai (South Asia)
    Interfaith Rally, Chennai
    01 01 2013: (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education in India, January 2013

    9-10 January
    Govt. Arts College, Paramakudi Tamilnadu
    Dr. G. Rajaram

    11-12 January 2013 
    ASHA KENDRA, Pathanamthitta, Kerala
    Prof. Jyothiraj T.K.

    23 January 2013
    Interfaith Rally
    Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamilnadu
    Mr. K. Ramachandran

    23-24 January 2013  
    ASHRAY, Sonapukur, Rajarhat, Kolkata
    Prof. Asit Kumar Basu

    26-27 January 2013  
    Interfaith Organization, Divine colony, Balasore, Odisha
    Prof. Asit Kumar Basu

    29-30 January 2013  
    Mahila Vidyapeeth, Visakhaptnam, Andhra Pradesh
    Prof. N. Prakasa Rao

    30 10 2012: (South Asia)
    14th India Chapter National Conference

    @AdiChunchanagiri  Matt, Belluru, Karnataka.

    The conference is sponsored by His Holiness Parama  Poojya Jagadguru Padmabhushana Dr. Sri. Sri. Sri. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamijigalu, of AdiChunchanagiri Matt.

    Theme:  “Collective Religious Responsibility on Sustainable Development”.

    The same event will feature an RFYN national conference organised by Prof. Anbumani Arumugham, RFYN International President

    30 10 2012: @ Adhichunchunagiri Mutt, Mysore, Karnataka, India (South Asia)
    RFYN conference, Mysore
    20 10 2012: (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education workshop

    To be held over two days at the Indian College of Teachers' Education, Vellore, TamilNadu. Facilitator Mr. K. Ramchandran.

    24 09 2012: @ Mannar College, Madurai, India (South Asia)
    RFYN International Conference, Madurai

    To be held in Tamil Nadu, this will be one of our first India-based conferences that will raise half its costs from local sources. 100 young adult participants are expected from around the country, of whom 20 are students from beyond India.

    21 09 2012: @ Jinnah Hall, Shaheen Chock, Sargodha, Pakistan (South Asia)
    Pakistan Chapter - International Peace Day 2012

    Promoting peace among religions. Chief guest Rev. Takahiro Miwa, Japan

    01 09 2012: (South Asia)
    South Asia events September-October 2012

    International Peace Day in South Asia, India Chapter annual conference, Human Rights Education in 6 locales

    25 08 2012: @ Kolkata, India (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education training at Bethune College, Kolkata

    40 student youth from different faith groups to attend, at  this first women's college in India, founded by Norman Bethune in 1879, 'A' level-accredited by NAAC and 'college with potential for Excellence' by UGC CPE

    01 08 2012: (South Asia)
    Hiroshima Survivor Peace Tour

    August 1-10, 2012

    28 07 2012: @ Hooghly, West Bengal, India (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education training at Raja Peary Mohan College, Hooghly

    35 students from different religious groups to attend at this famous college founded by Raja Peary Mohan

    27 07 2012: @ Mazhar Hall, Court Road, Sargodha, Pakistan (South Asia)
    Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Exhibition 2012

    This exhibition in Sargodha by our Pakistan Chapter displays material on the atomic holocausts at Nagasaki & Hiroshima, to convey a peace message about the financial and physical consequences of a race for nuclear weapons in a region with four nuclear powers (Iran, Pakistan, India, China).

    09 07 2012: @ St. Joseph College, Vishakhapatnam (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education training in Vishakhapatnam

    Facilitator: Prof. Prakash Rao

    24 03 2012: @ Mysore, India (South Asia)
    HRE facilitators workshop
    It will be a brainstorming and interactive one with our past experiences. We need to implement and correct the contends according to our experiences and thoughts.
    New way of reporting informed by the RKK and the secretariat also highlighting the importance of the video recording .
    21 02 2012: (South Asia)
    Human Rights Education training in Bangalore
    @ L.E. Law College, Bangalore by Mr.Ramachandran and Shabeer
    26 11 2011: @ Danielson College, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh (South Asia)
    HRE program at Danielson College,Madhya Pradesh
    08 08 2011: @ Thiruvalluvar College, Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu Ethiraj College, Chennai (South Asia)
    Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day, 2011

    Commemorating the 65th anniversary.
    Photos | Report

    27 06 2011: @ Vidyavdharka PU College, Mysore (South Asia)
    HRE Workshop

    Human Rights Education Workshop. See photos.

    29 01 2011: @ Bangalore (South Asia)
    HRE Facilitator Training

    IARF - HRE Young Adult Facilitator Training at BIRDS, Bangalore. A report is available.




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