IARF Commissions 2010

The membership of the two commission panels during the Congress year were:

Commission One Panel : Chair: Guji Takahiro Miwa; Vice Chair: Dorothee Gehrmann; Secretary: Rev Peter Richardson; Rev. Norio Sakai; Rev Steve Dick; Rev. George Kimmich “Kim” Beach

Commission Two Panel : Chair: Dr. Homi Dhalla; Vice Chair: Rev. Richard Gilbert; Secretary: Charanjit Singh; Dr. John Taylor; Rev Richard A. Kellaway; Fr. Albert Nambiaparambil CMI

Participants : Mr V Rengapashyam (President, IARF India Chapter), Mohammed Shabeer Ahmed (India Chapter Secretary), Dr. Gene Reeves & Yayoi Reeves, Ajit Singh, Marion Tratnyek, Dorothy Herzberg


IARF Commissions Panelists
IARF Commissions Panelists and Participants


IARF Commissions Report – IARF India 2010 (PDF, 2 pages)


Papers presented to the Commissions